# Team management

Team management is essential to your company. It allows you to add users and manage their actions. By clicking on the Users tab on the left of the page, you access the list of users of the administered team.

Tab Users

This list includes for each Seald user in the team the following information:

  • public name of the user;
  • primary email of the user;
  • date of the last activity (opening or encrypting a file for example).

A search field allows you to filter the user table by name or email.

# Invitation management

The list of invitations sent to new users is available in the Current Invitations tab of the table:


Each invitation can be resent or even completely deleted. An invitation can be accompanied by an email that will notify the user of his invitation, as the latter has no expiration date.

# Add a user

To create a new invitation and thus add a user to your team, click on the button Add a user and specify the user's email. An option allows you to choose whether or not you want to notify the recipient of the invitation with an email.

Adding a user
Adding a user

The recipient of the invitation will receive an email as below where he will only have to follow the instructions.

Invitation email
Invitation email

# Manage licences

Each invitation counts as a license. To increase the number of licenses available, please contact us at contact@seald.io.

# Details of a user

The details of a user on your team include several interesting elements:

  • the date of the last activity;
  • the email;
  • the name;
  • the list of its devices;
  • the last 10 encrypted files (a See all button displays the complete list);
  • the last 10 activities (a See all button displays the complete list).

# Revoke a device

To revoke a device so that it is no longer accessible with Seald: click on the 3 small points of an item on the list and select Revoke.

Revoke a device
Revoke a device
Confirm the revocation of a device
Confirm the revocation of a device

# Viewing their files

There are 2 types of lists concerning a user's files:

  • Those for which the user is the owner or recipient.
  • Those for which the user is only the owner.
Files of a user
Files of a user

A checkbox allows you to only display files owned by the user. Each file includes a button to access the access rights management of the latter.

To see the complete list, a See All button is available in the upper right corner of the table.

# View their events

A table also shows the last 10 user-related activities (File opening; New connection; Device revocation; etc.).

Activities of a user
Activities of a user