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Type alias: SDKConstructor

SDKConstructor: (args) => SealdSDK


args.apiURL?stringThe Seald server URL to use.
args.appIdstringThe appId given to you by Seald. It is the unique identifier of your application for Seald's servers.
args.createEncryptionSessionCache?(args) => EncryptionSessionCache | Promise< EncryptionSessionCache >-
args.databaseKey?stringIf you are using a persistent database, the key to encrypt it with. A random string of at least 32 alphanumeric characters, stored by your back-end and given after authentication, is recommended. This will be derived into the actual encryption key.
args.databasePath?stringIf you want to have a persistent database, use this argument. On Node, takes a directory path. On the browser, takes an arbitrary string that will be a localStorage key. If not given, defaults to a memory-only non-persistent database.
args.databaseRawKey?stringIf you are using a persistent database, the raw key to encrypt it with. This MUST be the Base64 string encoding of a cryptographically random buffer of 64 bytes. This avoids deriving the databaseKey with scrypt. If you have any doubt, use databaseKey instead.
args.encryptionSessionCacheCleanupInterval?numberInterval in milliseconds between auto cleans of the cache. Defaults to Math.max(encryptionSessionCacheTTL, 10000), which means equal to encryptionSessionCacheTTL with a minimum of 10s. Set to 0 to force default. Set to -1 to disable automatic cleanup.
args.encryptionSessionCacheTTL?numberDuration of cache lifetime in milliseconds. -1 to cache for lifetime. Default to 0 (no cache).
args.getRSAKeyPromise?(size?) => Promise< string >-
args.hairlessURL?stringThe Seald URL to use for documents for non-Seald users. Only change it if asked to by the Seald team.
args.keySize?1024 | 2048 | 4096Change the Asymmetric key size for newly generated keys. Defaults to 4096. Warning: for security, it is extremely not recommended to lower this value. For advanced use only.
args.nedbClient?NedbClientTo manually pass a follicle database client instance to the SDK. For advanced use only.
args.plugins?SDKPlugin[]Array of plugins to add to this SDK instance.
args.scrypt?SCryptTo manually pass an SCrypt implementation to override the current SDK's default implementation. Must take a Buffer for password, another Buffer for salt, derive them with SCrypt with parameters N=16384, r=8, p=1, an output length of 64 bytes, and return the output as a binary Buffer. For advanced use only.
args.shouldWaterfallApi?booleanShould all requests to Seald's servers be serialized. Safer, but may be a bit slower. Defaults to false.
args.sscrypto?SSCryptoTo manually pass an SSCrypto implementation to override the current SDK's default implementation. For advanced use only.