User guide

This guide is intended for Seald users. This concerns:

  • people in an organization using the Seald solution;
  • people in contact with Seald users who want to communicate securely.

Seald has different features depending on whether the user has the application installed or not.

With the application

Seald allows:

  • to protect any file or email;
  • to control access to the document by adding and/or revoking recipients, even after the document has been sent;
  • to have access to a logging of events related to protected files;
  • to have a strong integration in their email tool (Outlook);
  • to secure exchanges not only with other Seald users but also with people who do not have it thanks to our file format.

Without the application

Seald allows:


As simple as it may be, an encryption application always has limitations inherent to its security model. For example:

  • Seald does not allow users nor administrators to read secure documents if access to the devices on which Seald is installed for recipients is lost, unless a backup key is set up by an administrator;
  • Seald does not allow secure documents to be read offline, allowing the modification of rights of a document to be effective in real time.