Seald's documentation

Seald is an email and document encryption solution designed to be easily usable by any employee in a company, giving employees and administrators fine control and monitoring of each encrypted document or email.

Once secured with Seald, the document can be transferred by any means (email, FTP, SSH, download platform, P2P, USB key,...) without fear that any intermediary being able to read it.

Seald stands out from other solutions on the market (those that implement OpenPGP or S/MIME for example) by allowing a recipient who does not have Seald to decrypt a document without creating an account, generating a key pair or installing anything, but also by the fact that we do not store nor transport the document. Thus a storage compromise will in no way compromise file integrity nor confidentiality, unlike other models where cryptographic trust is implemented at the same level as storage.

The documentation is available in three forms:

  • the user guide containing the instructions for using the solution;
  • the administrator guide containing instructions for deploying the solution as well as user instructions for the administration tools;
  • the systems integrator guide containing documentation to develop integrations specific to a client's needs.

For commercial information about Seald, visit the main site.