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Seald's documentation

Seald publishes two end-to-end encryption solutions both based on the same technology which has been certified by the ANSSI in 2020:

  • the solution for developers Seald SDK: allows to integrate end-to-end encryption in an application without any knowledge in cryptography.

    Made for developers, it allows end-to-end encryption of files, chat messages, and database fields so that only users can decrypt the data, and at no time can it be read by your servers (nor ours).

  • the Enterprise solution Seald Desktop App: allows end-to-end encryption of emails and files.

    Easy to use, allowing a fine monitoring of each encrypted document or email, allowing third parties not having Seald to encrypt and decrypt without installation.

You will also find a Reference section, containing elements common to Seald solutions, concerning architecture, protocols, etc.

For commercial information about Seald, visit the main site.