# Introduction

The Seald-SDK is the Seald Software Development Kit. Its version 2.1 benefits from a CSPN Security Visa from ANSSI (opens new window) since December 2020.

It is designed for developers to integrate end-to-end encryption into web, mobile or desktop applications on the data they wish to protect.

With the Seald-SDK, you can create, manage, renew and recover your users' cryptographic identities, and use them to encrypt/decrypt data of any type (text, files, etc.), and modify the recipients of this data afterwards.

This documentation is divided into several integration guides:

  • Overview — explanation of the motivations and key concepts of the encryption with Seald ;
  • First steps — first steps with the Seald-SDK ;
  • Import management — how to properly import the SDK into applications, especially in a bundling process;
  • Identity management — how to protect your users' cryptographic identities;
  • License token — how to generate license tokens for users ;
  • Groups — how to manage groups ;
  • Encryption sessions — how to use encryption sessions ;

A sample web application demonstrating how the Seald-SDK integrates is also available:

API references are also available for :