# Network ports used by Seald

# Seald software and mobile application

# Seald API

Domain: api.seald.io
Flow type: HTTPS/443

The Seald API is the main communication link of the Seald application. It is on this interface that are exchanged most information such as users' public keys and message keys from files.

# Notification service

Domain: crossbar.galactica.seald.io Flow type: HTTPS/443

The Seald notification service has two main features:

  • Allow a Seald instance to receive "live" notifications, such as opening a file or adding a device to an account. These notifications are also available and replicated on the Seald API, but the API of Seald does not allow for immediate visibility.
  • Allow Seald instances (or the lightweight client) to communicate directly with each other.

# Support service and ticketing

Domain: zammad.galactica.seald.io
Flow type: HTTPS/443

The support and ticketing service allows Seald users to contact support directly via the application, whether for assistance or bug reporting.

# Bug reporting service

Domain: sentry.galactica.seald.io
Flow type: HTTPS/443

The bug reporting service allows the application to retrieve technical information in the event of a crash related to the bug. This information is anonymized and only allows the Seald development team to to have information about the origin of the bug.

# Update service

Domain: download.seald.io Flow type: HTTPS/443

The update service allows the storage and recovery of binaries from the Seald application. It is necessary to to access this service to get an up-to-date version of Seald.

# Decryption service web interface

Domain: decrypt.seald.io
Type de flux: HTTPS/443

The decryption service web interface enable users without Seald account to read documents protected without having to install or register to the service.

# Admin web interface

Domain: dashboard.seald.io
Type de flux: HTTPS/443

The administration web interface enables administrators of an organization to manage users (lisences, backup keys, files revocation, event logs ...).

# Storage space

Domain: storage.sbg1.cloud.ovh.net
Type de flux: HTTPS/443

The storage space is used for file hosting such as:

  • Application binaries ;
  • Email template ;
  • Encrypted attachments ;
  • Files uploaded by users.