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class EncryptionSessionRetrievalDetails(var flow: EncryptionSessionRetrievalFlow, var groupId: String?, var proxySessionId: String?, var fromCache: Boolean)

EncryptionSessionRetrievalDetails represents the details of how an Encryption Session was retrieved.


EncryptionSessionRetrievalDetailsconstructor(flow: EncryptionSessionRetrievalFlow, groupId: String?, proxySessionId: String?, fromCache: Boolean)


flowvar flow: EncryptionSessionRetrievalFlow
The way the session was retrieved: as a direct recipient, as a member of a group, or through a proxy session.
fromCachevar fromCache: Boolean
Indicates if this session was retrieved from the cache.
groupIdvar groupId: String?
If the session was retrieved as a member of a group, the ID of the group in question. Null if not applicable.
proxySessionIdvar proxySessionId: String?
If the session was retrieved through a proxy session, the ID of this proxy session. Null if not applicable.