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fun retrieveIdentity(sessionId: String, authFactor: AuthFactor, challenge: String, rawTMRSymKey: ByteArray): RetrieveIdentityResponse

Retrieve the Seald account previously saved with SealdSSKSTmrPlugin.saveIdentity.


A RetrieveIdentityResponse instance, containing identity, the retrieved identity, shouldRenewKey, a boolean set to true is the user private key should be renewed (using sealdSDKInstance.renewKeys()), and authenticatedSessionId, a new authenticated sessionId, that you can use to perform further SSKS TMR operations without challenge.


sessionIdSession ID given by SSKS to your app's server.
authFactorAuthentication method of this user, to which SSKS has sent a challenge at the request of your app's server.
rawTMRSymKeyThe raw encryption key used to encrypt / decrypt the stored identity keys. This MUST be a cryptographically random buffer of 64 bytes.
challengeOptional. The challenge sent by SSKS to the user's authentication method, if any.