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data class MassReencryptOptions@JvmOverloadsconstructor(var retries: Int = 3, var retrieveBatchSize: Int = 1000, var waitBetweenRetries: Duration = Duration.ofSeconds(3), var waitProvisioning: Boolean = true, var waitProvisioningTime: Duration = Duration.ofSeconds(5), var waitProvisioningTimeMax: Duration = Duration.ofSeconds(10), var waitProvisioningTimeStep: Duration = Duration.ofSeconds(1), var waitProvisioningRetries: Int = 100, var forceLocalAccountUpdate: Boolean = false)

Options for SealdSDK.massReencrypt function.


constructor(retries: Int = 3, retrieveBatchSize: Int = 1000, waitBetweenRetries: Duration = Duration.ofSeconds(3), waitProvisioning: Boolean = true, waitProvisioningTime: Duration = Duration.ofSeconds(5), waitProvisioningTimeMax: Duration = Duration.ofSeconds(10), waitProvisioningTimeStep: Duration = Duration.ofSeconds(1), waitProvisioningRetries: Int = 100, forceLocalAccountUpdate: Boolean = false)


forceLocalAccountUpdatevar forceLocalAccountUpdate: Boolean
Whether to update the local account before trying the reencryption.
retriesvar retries: Int
Number of times to retry. Defaults to 3.
retrieveBatchSizevar retrieveBatchSize: Int
Default to 1000.
waitBetweenRetriesvar waitBetweenRetries: Duration
Time to wait between retries. Defaults to 3 seconds.
waitProvisioningvar waitProvisioning: Boolean
Whether to wait for provisioning (new behaviour) or not. Defaults to true.
waitProvisioningRetriesvar waitProvisioningRetries: Int
Maximum number of tries to check if the device is provisioned yet. Defaults to 100.
waitProvisioningTimevar waitProvisioningTime: Duration
Time to wait if device is not provisioned on the server yet. The actual wait time will be increased on subsequent tries, by waitProvisioningTimeStep, up to waitProvisioningTimeMax. Defaults to 5 seconds.
waitProvisioningTimeMaxvar waitProvisioningTimeMax: Duration
Maximum time to wait if device is not provisioned on the server yet. Defaults to 10 seconds.
waitProvisioningTimeStepvar waitProvisioningTimeStep: Duration
Amount to increase the time to wait if device is not provisioned on the server yet. Defaults to 1 second.