# Seald SDK for iOS


This package is still early-access:

  • the interface will probably still have breaking changes
  • some quality-of-life features are still missing
  • some bugs may still be present
  • the documentation may still be incomplete, or not very readable

Feel free to give us feedback!

This package is the Seald SDK for iOS.

It is available as a Cocoapod (opens new window).

To install it, you need to add the following line to your Podfile:


target 'YourApp' do
  pod 'SealdSdk', '0.1.0-beta.49591'

Then, you can install with pod install.

You can then import it in your code with:

You can also see the example app for Objective-C (opens new window), or the example app for Swift (opens new window).

This package contains the main SealdSdk class, the SealdEncryptionSession class, as well as multiple helper classes.

# SealdSdk

SealdSdk is the main class for the Seald SDK. It represents an instance of the Seald SDK.

You can instantiate it this way:

This class then allows you to create an account, create or retrieve a SealdEncryptionSession, etc.

See the SealdSdk reference for more information.

# SealdEncryptionSession

A SealdEncryptionSession allows you to encrypt / decrypt multiple messages or files.

This should not be instantiated directly, and should be either created with -[SealdSdk createEncryptionSessionWithRecipients:useCache:error:] or retrieved with -[SealdSdk retrieveEncryptionSessionWithSessionId:useCache:error:] or -[SealdSdk retrieveEncryptionSessionFromMessage:useCache:error:].