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class SealdException(originalException: Throwable) : RuntimeException

SealdException represents an error that happened during a Seald operation.


SealdExceptionconstructor(originalException: Throwable)


causeopen val cause: Throwable?
codeval code: String
The error code, which is a machine-readable string that represents this error.
descriptionval description: String?
A human-readable description of the error.
detailsval details: String?
Details about the error.
idval id: String
The error ID, which is a unique string for the precise place this error was thrown from.
messageopen override val message: String
nativeStackval nativeStack: String?
The call stack in Seald native code.
rawval raw: String?
The raw underlying error.
statusval status: Int?
If the error is returned by the Seald server, the HTTP status code.


addSuppressedfun addSuppressed(p0: Throwable)
fillInStackTraceopen fun fillInStackTrace(): Throwable
getLocalizedMessageopen fun getLocalizedMessage(): String
getStackTraceopen fun getStackTrace(): Array<StackTraceElement>
getSuppressedfun getSuppressed(): Array<Throwable>
initCauseopen fun initCause(p0: Throwable): Throwable
printStackTraceopen fun printStackTrace()
open fun printStackTrace(p0: PrintStream)
open fun printStackTrace(p0: PrintWriter)
setStackTraceopen fun setStackTrace(p0: Array<StackTraceElement>)
toStringopen override fun toString(): String