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This module is a plugin for the Seald SDK : @seald-io/sdk.

The @seald-io/sdk-plugin-ssks-password module allows to use the SSKS key storage service to store Seald identities easily and securely, encrypted by a user password.

This module exposes a function, that takes keyStorageURL as argument, and returns a SDKPlugin which can be passed to the SealdSDK constructor.

When the Seald SDK is passed this plugin, the SealdSDK instance is modified to have a ssksPassword property, which exposes the SSKSPassword interface.


import SealdSDK from '@seald-io/sdk'
import SealdSDKPluginSSKSPassword from '@seald-io/sdk-plugin-ssks-password'

const seald = SealdSDK({
  plugins: [SealdSDKPluginSSKSPassword(keyStorageURL)] // passing the plugin to SealdSDK
await seald.initialize()

// Creating a Seald identity
await seald.initiateIdentity({ signupJWT })
// The SealdSDK instance now has a `ssksPassword` property : we can use `saveIdentity`
await seald.ssksPassword.saveIdentity({ userId, password })


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