# Adding a new device

Seald allows a user to have multiple devices. However, for security reasons, adding a new device is done using the mobile app, which is in beta at the moment. For these reasons, the user interface to add a new device is disabled in the desktop app.

It is however possible to use command line integrated in the desktop application to add a new device.

In this guide, we will be using the seald-cli command to represent the command that launches the CLI. Depending on your operating system, you will need to replace it with the corresponding one.

# Procedure

# On the registered device

On the existing device, we will create a key for the new device:

seald-cli create-backup-key --device-name NAME_OF_THE_NEW_DEVICE --output OUTPUT_FILE

In this command, replace NAME_OF_THE_NEW_DEVICE by the name you want to give to the new device, and OUTPUT_FILE by the filepath where you want to store the newly created key.

This command will ask you for a password to encrypt the generated key.


Note: Because of Windows old CLI system, the command logs may overwrite the command prompt and make it appear as if the command has not finished even though it has. To check, do not hesitate to press Enter from time to time to check if there is a prompt.

Once the key is created and the command is completed, transfer the created file onto the new device through any convenient channel (USB flash drive, email, local network...).


We recommend using a strong password to encrypt the key during the transfer, especially if you use a network channel to transfer it.

# On the new device

On the new device, we will load the key created previously.

To start, install Seald, then close the registration wizard. After that, open a terminal and enter the command:

seald-cli load-backup-key --key KEY_FILE

In this command, replace KEY_FILE by the path of the file previously transfered.

Once the command is completed, your new device is ready to be used: you can start Seald and use it normally.


Note: If you want to use Seald with Outlook, you need to install the plugin, because it has not been installed during the registration wizard. You can do so by following this guide.