# Downloading files

The Seald Secure Reader can allow a recipient - without Seald - of a file to download a clear copy of the protected document. This can be disabled by the document owner from the desktop application or by the owner's team administrator in his administration panel.

Once downloaded, the plaintext version of the document is no longer revocable or traceable.

# When previewing is possible

This can be useful when you want to allow a recipient without Seald to get a copy that he can modify, for example a Word document.

Downloadable file

# When previewing is not possible

If the 'Allow download' option is disabled and the file sent is not previewable, it is impossible for the recipient to access the document. You must then contact the owner of the file to activate this option.

Non-previewable and non-downloadable file

When the option is enabled, the person then has the opportunity to download a clear version of the document.

File not previewable but downloadable