# Usage

# Encrypt an email

To encrypt an email, follow these steps:

New message Seald shortcut
1. Click on New message. 2. The Seald extension is then located at the top right of the composition window.
Seald enable / disable Seald options
3. Simply click on the Seald icon to enable / disable encryption. 4. To choose to encrypt only attachments. Click below the Seald icon.
Encrypt only attachments Send mail
5. You can decide to encrypt only attachments. 6. Compose your email as usual and send it. Seald is in charge of encryption.

# Decrypting an email

To decrypt an email, follow these steps:

Inbox Seald shortcut
1. In your inbox, for a Seald email, click on Open. 2. The email is decrypted and opened in a new window.

# Manage an email

To manage an email, follow these steps:

Manage in Seald button Manage in Seald menu
1. Click on the Manage in Seald button. 2. In the menu, and select the file you want to manage .
Access control window
3. Access control window.