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Pre-validated domains

To simplify license management, validation tokens can be used when creating accounts. These tokens are generated using a specific validation key accessible via the administration dashboard. This menu is only available if the Seald team has validated that the corresponding domain belongs exclusively to your team. To have your domains validated, do not hesitate to contact us.

List of pre-validated domains

This list is available in the settings of the administration panel, under the "Domains" tab. Note that this tab only appears if your team has pre-validated domains.

For each pre-validated domain there is an ID and a key, available in the domains list. These domainValidationKeyId and domainValidationKey allow to programmatically generate validation tokens.

Domains tab

Generate validation tokens manually

Validation tokens can be generated directly on the administration dashboard. To do this, you must go to the "Users" page, on the "Pending Invitations" tab. Then, for the desired user, if their email address corresponds to one of the pre-validated domains, open the options and choose "Generate a pre-validation token".

Generate token
Token generated
Token generation