# Activity log

Clicking on the Activity Log tab on the left side of the screen takes you to the list of events that occur within the team.

Activity log
Tab Activity log

Each event is characterized by:

  • the name of the file;
  • the Seald user or the identifier of the person who does not have Seald performing the action;
  • the type of event;
  • the IP and geolocation of the user who performed the action;
  • the owner of the file;
  • the date of the event.

# Filtering logs

To filter the events, click on "Filter" and choose the desired filters.

Event filter
Event filter

# Export logs

You can download the activity log by clicking on the 3 small dots on the right of the table and then Download log.

Download the logs
Download the logs

Exporting the activity log allows you to keep a copy of the different actions performed by your team members. This copy in csv format allows you to perform more detailed analyses.