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Opening emails

With the extension

To decrypt an email, follow these steps:

InboxSeald shortcut
1. In your inbox, for a Seald email, click _Open.2. The email will be decrypted and open in a new window.
3. You can Open or Save with a right click on the attachment. If you save the attachment, the encryption will remain on the file.

Without Seald

To open the email when you do not have Seald installed, it is opened in your browser.

Seald fileOpening screen
1. Click on the button to open the encrypted email in your browser.2. Click on "Preview the file".
Email address screenCode screen
3. Enter your email address to receive a one-time use code.4. Fill in this one-time use code to authenticate yourself.
Decrypt file screen
5. The email is decrypted and displayed in the browser.

For more details, see the dedicated section of the documentation.

With Seald, but without the Outlook extension

If you don't have the extension, just double-click on the file .seald_mail.seald and the desktop application will decrypt and open the encrypted email.